A few words about Holistic Counseling

The Vis Dialogue

Through a breakthrough simple technique called The Vis Dialogue, Holistic Counseling is a professional course that teaches you how to ask the right questions to bring awareness to the patient so that they understand how to become healed and set themselves free. It is a gentle, powerful and effective mind-body psychology tool that Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths, Pyschologists, counselors, and natural health practitioners (along with all students) can use in their practice to help their patients get down to the bottom of their own struggles and buried wounds.

                                         Video 1 on Holistic Counseling - 2:36min

                                         Video 2 on Holistic Counseling - 9:46min

Gift of the Right Question

That 'Aha' Moment
Give your patients the great gift of that Aha! Life-changing moment of awareness in helping them see what is underlying their suffering.


Learn one of the only counseling techniques to help a patient connect mind and body to heal even physical pathology.

See. Experience. Practice.

The Vis Dialogue
Watch real, live cases demonstrated in front of the class. Practice the technique with your classmates. Discover where your own limitations inhibit your ability to help others.


And Lasting Healing
After the first course, you'll leave with a new breakthrough skill and knowledge that you can begin implementing right away in practice.


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