Come dive into Holistic 

Counseling Part 1 in the 

healing jungle of Costa Rica

5-day Holistic Counseling course, all-inclusive retreat that includes organic meals, incredible soul-filling

excursions, daily morning meditations, Qigong, and deep self-healing. Deepen your healing practice.  Healer, Heal Yourself! Release your own blockages in practice and 

build the practice of your dreams!

January 20th-25th, 2018

16.5 CEUs for NDs

5 days with Dr. Moshe

Become an expert in Mind-Body medicine!

A few words about Holistic Counseling: The Vis Dialogue

Many practitioners have expressed their desire to take part 1 in an exotic location where they can be away from the stress of their lives to really work through their blockages. Part 1 of Holistic Counseling will not only teach you to become an expert in Mind-Body medicine, but it will also help you dive so deeply into your own wounds and blockages. Costa Rica is known for its incredible transformational energy.  Want to hear what some people say about the Holistic Counseling course?  


Through a breakthrough simple technique called The Vis Dialogue, Holistic Counseling is a professional course that teaches you how to ask the right questions to bring awareness to a patient/client so that they understand how to become healed (physically, mentally & emotionally) and set themselves free. It is a gentle, powerful and effective mind-body psychology tool that Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths, Pyschologists, counselors, and natural health practitioners (along with all students) can use in their practice to help their patients get down to the bottom of their own struggles and buried wounds. As a healer, it's some of the deepest work you can embark on with your patient/client, and practictioners who use Holistic Counseling in their practices have some incredible healing stories - no medicines or remedies needed. During this retreat you will see the dialogue in action, experience the dialogue (for your own self-healing) and you will practice the dialogue as well. 

This workshop changed my life. I really don't know how I would have gotten through certain times in medical school without Dr. Moshe. Please please please do yourself a favor and sign up. Hands down best thing I've EVER done for myself and the best thing I've participated in at SCNM. You must unravel your deepest set belief systems that are not serving you in order to set yourself free. This opens yourself up to who you truly are and what happiness means for you. When life's kicking your ass you can either sit back and take it or you can take control of your life: change your mind, change your life. If that statement still hasn't convinced you then idk what will. - Julia Feindt, ND Candidate SCNM

Why a retreat in Costa Rica?

We promise that you will leave this retreat as a changed person. You will be able to dive deeper with your patients. You will be able to help people heal without supplements or remedies. Even serious, life-threatening pathology can be healed with Holistic Counseling - we have many case examples. 

Did you know that it's entirely possible to heal physical pathology with mind-body counseling?

Previous students have said this class is one of the deepest healing experiences of their lives.

Organic meals; beach, jungle and waterfall excursions; daily meditations



Come & Unplug

Deepen Your Practice

Healer, Heal Yourself!

Part 2 will help you deepen your practice with Holistic Counseling. Get to the root cause of our patients suffering. Leave this retreat as an expert in Mind-Body medicine


Have you lost your passion to practice?

Are you finding it difficult to really help your clients on a deep level?

Are your own issues blocking you from helping people more?

Do you want to build your practice and make more income?

Do you want to stand out amongst the crowd?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this retreat is for you! Dr. Moshe is a leading expert in the Mind-Body field and he has built the practice of his dreams. You can too. Costa Rica is a place where people can transform some pretty stuck energies. So, come! You deserve it! Take a self-care week away, deepen your Holistic Counseling practice and meet life-long friends.

Don't wait!

Act Now!

We have seriously limited space for this retreat. We only have room for 12 people...

We have several options for lodging. Choose your room below.

We're offering incredible early bird discounts & another discount if you sign up with a friend!

Choose your room!

Only 1 Space Left!

  • Three mostly organic meals, 2 snacks and fresh water every day.
  • 5-day Holistic Counseling program with Dr. Moshe
  • Daily morning meditations with Dr. Moshe
  • An educational rainforest hike with Jennifer Smith (1-1.5 hours)
  • A 90 minute Organ Cleansing Qigong class with Dina Delaini (extra classes are $10pp)
  • One waterfall excursion to the Nuayaca Waterfall where we will have lunch and swim
  • One afternoon/evening beach excursion to Playa Dominical & Village (where you can swim, shop, eat, etc)
  • One trip to the local market where you can find unusual gifts and tasty treats
  • Round trip airport transportation
  • Your first night in San Jose - you'll be staying at De La Tierra EcoHouse Farm - they'll even pick you up from the airport!

*Not included in the pricing are flights, massage therapy, or anything you choose to do outside of the retreat. Massage therapy will be available for an extra fee (Massage $85 for 90 minutes and Maya Abdominal Massage $75 for 45 minutes).    

"Don't miss the chance to invest in this incredible community of people. I've already seen a high return on my investment!"


Sleeps 4

Soltierra is a 2 bedroom unit that sleeps 4. It has a lovely Zen feel and mountain views. There's an open-air common space looking out over Solfeggio's grass circle, "The Navel", used for early morning & night time activities; Qigong, Yoga, Firepit, Story Telling, Ceremony and star-gazing. There's a shared bathroom and a separate attractive airy shower.

Soltierra also features large natural teak supporting posts, a bamboo ceiling, as well as, creative bamboo details.



Sleeps 2

Tucked into the trees is a screened in perch with 2 singles beds. Solselva shares a bathroom and outdoor shower with BambuSol. 

$1560  for double occupancy in budget room

What's included in our all-inclusive retreat?

Below you will find lodging options.  There is only one space that is private for 1 person. The rest of the accommodations are shared spaces. Prices below are per person prices. As you can see, we only have space for 12 people, so sign up as soon as you can! You can pay $500 now to reserve your space. You'll pay the rest of the balance by December 15th.  We are also offering an additional discount if you sign up with a friend. If you sign up together, you'll each get $100 dollars off! If you want this option, please sign up separately, then write in the instructions that you're signing up together and we'll refund you each $100. You can see more pictures of accommodations by clicking here. Do you need an alternative payment plan? Contact us.



Sleeps 3

2-Story structure with kitchen, open air dining area, with adjacent no-chemical dipping pool. Second floor has a dreamy canopy sofa bed for 1 and a loft with 2 twin beds. There's a large dressing room and balcony. The bathroom and outdoor shower are on the first level.


All-Inclusive Costa Rica Retreat begins in:


Sleeps 1 (the only totally private space)

This is the only bedroom for one. It has a single bed, desk and chair, small dresser and stand for a suitcase. It shares the bathroom and outdoor shower with BambuSol next door.



Sleeps 2

Solcanto is a one bedroom with 2 twin beds and a private balcony looking out over the orchard, vegetable garden and beautiful mountain views. This bedroom unit has a lovely open-air shower and hand-painted bathroom sink adding a touch of whimsy. Bamboo has been used creatively throughout, even for lighting fixtures. From here one can observe nature easily. Keep an eye out for monkeys, coatis, agoutis, tayras and more, all of whom share fruit grown at Solfeggio.  




Vanessa Ruiz

Naturopathic Doctor

I already know that Holistic Counseling will be a large part of my practice. I was so encouraged to see the profound awareness that patients were able to achieve with such simple questioning. And the fact that the awareness translates into physical health improvement is exactly what I needed to see before graduating. This technique stays so true to naturopathic philosophy and goes beyond the mind/body training I received in school. The class was immensely enlightening.

Holistic Counseling has been incredibly helpful for me in a personal and professional level. I think that it was the final push for me to finally heal my health issues that had been pestering me for the last few years. Yesterday, I finally sat down with myself and confronted resistance I've had which I thought was completely unrelated. After I finally made peace with the resistance, my jaw relaxed and things in my cranium seemed to shift. I felt a shift in energy and also physically. My body seemed to "remember" it's natural alignment. What was incredibly fulfilling for me was that my healing was almost obvious, and the answer was so accessible if I wasn't in my own way.

Katherine Zagone

ND The Holistic Fertility Method

During the time of medical school burnout, Holistic Counseling made me excited about our medicine again. This course should be mandatory at all Naturopathic medicine colleges. -Caitlin Barbiero, ND

We chose this location because of its incredible healing energy. There's no doubt that this place is special. It's well-known as a powerful space for inner transformation. This retreat is not only a learning course, it's a journey into your own psyche, to uncover your blockages and false beliefs. This location is a prime location to assist in that process. We're pretty excited about it, actually! 

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why Solffegio Retreat Center?

The grounds are sacred with beautiful energy. This is where you will be learning.

Healing circle where you will do daily healing meditations with Dr. Moshe

Your classroom for the week! Overlooking the jungles of Costa Rica...

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Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled before October 31st, 1/2 refund if cancelled before November 31st and no refund if cancelled after November 31st.