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 What is Holistic Counseling?

EVERY PERSON HAS A THREAD of false belief systems that runs through their lives. That thread entangles them in a trap which leads to suffering and illness.

Holistic Counseling is the method that unravels the thread that controls peoples' lives and helps set them free from illness.


Despite it being the basic tenet of many ancient medicines and philosophies, not everyone has experienced the connection between the mind and the body. Holistic Counseling is a method to bring to light how underlying beliefs and patterns held in how we think and live affects our physical, emotional, and mental health. 


You will also learn techniques to help unravel those underlying beliefs and patterns for unprecedented, lasting healing. Everyone is wounded. But getting to the bottom of it can be difficult without a technique such as Holistic Counseling. This is an invaluable gift to bring to people that will enhance their lives forever.


In this day and age, “holistic” practitioners think they are treating the whole person by giving "green medicines" that just treat the symptoms or that support different organ systems. Giving one supplement for the brain, one for the digestion system, one for the emotions, the practitioner believes they are treating the whole person. But, the thread that runs through the whole case is missing. 


The patient is not really empowered to recognise their problem and to heal themselves. Practitioners, naturopathic doctors as well as traditional naturopaths, have not been taught the true fundamental meaning of treating the whole person or how to find the deepest** root cause of illness. The Holistic Counseling course is designed to help the practitioner become a truly wholistic healer.

**Note: Many practitioners believe that by treating the gut, or the spine, or doing a parasite or heavy metal cleanse, they are treating the cause of illness. Whereas these methods help with symptoms, they are not getting to the real root cause of the disease, and the underlying disposition remains the same - it is not true holism. Holistic Counseling is a method that demonstrates how the mental-emotional plane is at the deepest root cause of illness time and time again. It is a true wonder to witness this!

Holistic Counseling is not only for your patients. It’s for you as well. Practitioners of this technique realize they can only go so far with their patients and where they get stuck is undoubtedly where they are blocked in their own selves, in their own lives. Until we begin to heal ourselves, we cannot expect to heal others – only on a very superficial level. During the courses, there are many opportunities to find where you are stuck as a practitioner and what you need to do to overcome it. Later, during practice, self-assessment forms, and with the Extra Mentoring 'Technique Consultations,' you have many opportunities at continual transformation and healing of self.



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