One of the best experiences of my young medical career and quite frankly, my life.



During the time of medical school burnout, Holistic Counseling made me excited about our medicine again. This course should be mandatory at all Naturopathic medicine colleges.


I am still amazed by how profound and beneficial the Holistic Counseling weekend was. Dr.Moshe's teaching style and material are educational, engaging and very thought-provoking. The experience that I had transcended other classes in a meaningful and nearly supernatural manner. Dr. Moshe's teaching and material are what I have been looking for all along. Highly recommended!"



The course has been a TERRIFIC addition to my practice. I was able to start using the skills I had learned right away and easily incorporate them with the other modalities that I use. There have been many cases where this work translated to wonderful clinical benefits for patients. Thank you very much!!



Holistic Counseling has helped enlighten me to the deep and true method of healing the mind and body. It is not just another mind-body method to use with someone, it is the key to unlocking the healing potential and for empowering the individual for change. It embodies the purpose and principles of Naturopathic medicine and has helped me reach new levels of healing for myself. My journey as a physician is only just beginning but has been forever changed by learning Holistic Counseling. Thank you so much!


In one weekend, I learned more than I did in 3 years of health psychology. It was a truly inspiring and life changing weekend that gave me insight and guidance as to the type of practitioner that I am meant to be. When I have used the dialogue on my patients, it is amazing to see how they are able to make connections and have ‘Aha moments’ in the span of one visit. I highly recommend Dr. Moshe's Holistic Counselling course!



Dr. Moshe’s holistic counselling course provided me with such a broadened understanding of the mental-emotional roots of disease and how to truly get to these roots with patients. When I’ve tried to get to a patient's root emotions and beliefs underlying their illness/life I've often felt I was not able to facilitate or help bring them to such an awareness. Dr. Moshe's course provides you with a very clear framework to work from, and although - as he portrays - it is an art to counsel this way, the way he teaches it makes it feel doable and not overwhelming. You will leave the course feeling ready to start using these tools immediately! Can’t say enough good things!

Willow Langille, ND,

First and foremost I'd like to thank you again for putting on an amazing workshop! I've been resonating on high vibrations since this weekend and truly feel that I've acquired a new lens from which to view my personal life, my professional practice and the world. I'm confident that the tools I've learnt in this course will be invaluable for helping my patients address root causes and beliefs that are both feeding their addiction and standing in the way of their recovery. I've been talking about my experience with colleagues and they seem genuinely interested which gives me hope that changes in the way we treat our patients under the medical model, is possible! Thank you x a million for doing what you do and allowing me the opportunity to experience it.

Laura Henry, BScPN, RPN,

Thank you so much for such a life-changing weekend! This way of practising definitely rings loud, clear and true for how medicine should be: healing from within! You definitely inspired me this weekend to take this schooling to a different level and connect with the spirit more. I will not forget that with my future patients.

Shannon C. Bennett, ND Candidate, SCNM,

I already know that Holistic Counseling will be a large part of my practice. I was so encouraged to see the profound awareness that patients were able to achieve with such simple questioning. And the fact that the awareness translates into physical health improvement is exactly what I needed to see before graduating. This technique stays so true to naturopathic philosophy and goes beyond the mind/body training I received in school. The class was immensely enlightening. By looking at what holism really means, it's easy to understand how this technique is so profound. The combination of exploring theory, observing the technique, and then practicing with feedback was exactly what I needed. I look forward to improving my skills through practice and being able to help patients truly heal themselves. Thank you, Moshe!

Katherine M. Zagone - ND,

I wanted to thank you again for your great counseling seminar. It's been incredibly helpful for me in a personal and professional level. I think that it was the final push for me to finally heal my health issues that had been pestering me for the last few years. Yesterday, I finally sat down with myself and confronted resistance I've had which I thought was completely unrelated. After I finally made peace with the resistance, my jaw relaxed and things in my cranium seemed to shift. I felt a shift in energy and also physically. My body seemed to "remember" it's natural alignment. What was incredibly fulfilling for me was that my healing was almost obvious, and the answer was so accessible if I wasn't in my own way.

V. Ruiz, ND,

I'm really glad I attended this class as it gave me a whole new perspective on how to practice wholistically. I think a lot of us think we are practicing wholistically but in truth, we aren't so everything you said was such a great reminder. I've actually been counselling myself, asking myself the questions you taught us, and I am surprised with the discoveries I have made so far. I think the 7th principle of Physician, Heal Thyself! is the most important of the 7, and I've been taken on a healing journey, and I thank you and the course as being the catalyst for that. Thank you once again, you are a great teacher and healer.

Julie Chan, ND,

Moshe Daniel Block's Holistic Counseling class equipped me with one of the most powerful tools I have as a Naturopath - The ability to ask the right question.  I have taken the class twice  and have made it a requirement for any practitioners who are seeing clients out of my clinic.  Moshe has not only developed an incredible technique for drawing out the deeper connections,  but he is a talented and engaging teacher and is able to pass on his wisdom to students with ease.

Micah McLaughlin - Naturopathic Practitioner - Founder of Continuum Healing,

Holistic Counseling has truly been a life-changing class for me. The genuine sincerity and heart with which Moshe teaches creates such a safe space as our own minds and hearts are opened to the truths of our world. As we received energy of understanding, we were challenged with love, humbled and found worthy. Such a gift you have shared with us. I can't believe how much--every day!--I can truly see the knowledge of the class having an effect on my life. So beautiful. I am forever grateful and honored to have received these teachings which have opened up a wealth of knowledge of our existence, principles and practices that will give for a lifetime.

Heather Baker-Jackson, Natural Health Educator,

Highly recommended! I was so fortunate to have attended Moshe Daniel Block's Holistic Counseling course offered at CCNM last month (Oct. 2013). Moshe is a naturopathic doctor and homeopath who has had tremendous breakthroughs in healing dis-ease in himself and his clients using holistic counseling - a technique that he has developed to heal the true roots of dis-ease.The course was life changing and is very obviously a means to move forward in our own path to heal ourselves and our communities. The word "holism" gets bandied around a lot in circles of alternative health. It took this course - Holistic Counseling - to alert me to the true meaning of holism. Having done the course just this past October, I am doing it again in December to learn more!

Jenna Judd MA, Hon.BA, holistic nutritionist,

It was an incredible weekend for me!! First my own personal growth (heal thyself) as well as professional. I immediately began incorporating these techniques into my practice. I am amazed that these principles are so simple yet have profound results. It has brought a new awareness to myself and blocks to healing that I now can identify and release. Thank you for a great week end. You truly have a gift that needs to be shared around the world. I highly recommend Holistic Counseling to all. The hands on experience in the seminar brought it all together perfectly.

Colleen Goulding Avedisian, Naturopathic Practitioner,

Moshe Daniel Block’s course was WAY more than I could have imagined.  Not only do I feel more equipped to help others, I have a deeper understanding of my own inner workings. Working with people in a traditional social work setting for over 9 years has left me searching for a better, more natural way of helping and connecting with the people I serve.  This search lead me to Holistic Counseling – The Course.  I had some personal experience with naturopathy, and holistic healing, but I really did not know what to expect.

Rich Holshoe, BSW,

Thank-you Dr. Moshe for offering such a wonderful course. The information you have provided will be very useful to me in the future as I begin my practice. I learned a great deal in just one weekend and the knowledge I have gained is invaluable. I felt like I was taken on yet another journey but very different from what I have ever experienced. Most illuminating... You are an inspiring teacher and a great healer!

Irene Andrejczuk,

The Holistic Counseling class I took with Dr. Moshe was life changing.  I use this information all the time and truly believe that it should be taught at all Naturopathic schools.  It is key to understanding how the person got to where they are and how to heal and move on.  It is a must take class.

Kim Roth - Naturopathic practitioner,

Dr. Moshe is a passionate, engaging instructor whose depth of knowledge, wisdom, and genuine care for his clients and students are all very apparent throughout his teaching. I highly recommend that anyone who works with people in a healing or helping profession attend a Holistic Counseling seminar. Holistic Counseling empowers clients to make their own connections, discoveries, and changes, from the very beginning. This, then, gives the client complete ownership over their healing journey. I’ve seen my efforts to practice it pay off as clients continue to make connections and changes that I was struggling to help them see before, bringing themselves the healing and freedom for which they’ve been searching. It takes work to unlearn what we’ve always done to help others heal, but it is hard work well worth it when the reward is the healing of those we’ve devoted ourselves to serving, and receiving a client’s email filled with their joy and enthusiasm over making their own discoveries, as a result of Holistic Counseling, is also well worth the effort.


A. Thayer - Naturopathic practitioner,

Your course has really helped me transform my practice. I use your techniques every single day and have had many patients tell me that I am helping them change their life - so a huge thank you!! 

Jodie Tatlock, ND,

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