Step 1 - Take Course 1. Read Book. Practice 10 Vis Dialogues. Submit 2 Self-Assessment Forms before next step.

Step 2 - Take Course 2.  Practice 15 Vis Dialogues. Continue with self-assessment forms to improve Vis Dialogue skills.

Optional Step -  Extra Mentoring: Submit your Vis Dialogue recordings for Dr. Moshe to assess where you can improve and where your own "Physician, Heal Thyself!" healing lies where you are getting blocked in the Holistic Counseling process.  

Step 3 - Certification.  Submit 2 x 1-hour long recorded Vis Dialogues. If you pass, you are Certified as a Vis Dialoguer and get listed on Our Practitioner's section. Referral programs for new patients also available. If you are not ready for certification, the process becomes like Extra Mentoring where you will grow, learn, and heal from the process. 


Full Weekend Courses / Seminars

Friday 6pm-9pm - Saturday 9am-6pm (1.5 hrs for lunch). Sunday 9am-6pm (1.5 hrs for lunch)

See the Dialogue - Watch real, live cases demonstrated in front of the class.

Experience the Dialogue - Have your own case taken by the course leaders and/or by a classmate.

Practice the Dialogue - Practice the technique with your classmates. Discover where your own limitations inhibit your ability to help others.

In Part 1: Learn

In Part 2: Grow

  • Philosophy of Holism
  • 7 Philosophical Points of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Where the different models of medicine apply
  • Important principles of healing
  • Discovering underlying belief system
  • How to ask the Questions
  • Attitude of practitioner
  • Basic and Intermediate Vis Dialogue
  • What to do with the Underlying Cause
  • The Limitations of Holistic Counseling
  • Yogic Meditation technique to improve focus
  • Ask meaningful experience-based questions
  • Troubleshoot approach to resolve blocks in practice
  • Learn advanced philosophy
  • Key points and important metaphors
  • Advanced Vis Dialogue and expert techniques
  • Gain special tricks for practice
  • Case management
  • Obstacles to cure
  • Management of drugs
  • Homework, follow-ups
  • Modalities that complement Holistic Counseling

Ready to submit your 2 recorded Vis Dialogues for Certification?

Need some extra mentoring to explore where you're getting stuck during the Vis Dialogue or to work on your "Physician, Heal Thyself!"?

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