Holistic Counseling Practitioner Technique Consultation



  • Getting stuck somewhere in practice?
  • Having trouble "closing the deal"?
  • There's something triggering you and hindering your practice, but you're not sure what it is?
  • Having trouble in similar situations during the Vis Dialogue?
  • Need extra mentoring? 

Try a Practitioner Technique Consultation with Dr. Moshe

"I kind of knew I wouldn't get certified when I first applied. I was in need of some healing myself. Which after submitting, I received!! Dr. Moshe was able to identify my weakness within doing the dialogue and prompted me to do some deep digging and healing of my issues that were holding me back as a practitioner of the Vis Dialogue. Honestly, it's been great ever since then, cases have gone very well with much more ease!

Even if you're not at the point of submitting for certification, he can help with becoming the best holistic practitioners you can be! Do not hesitate to get the help you need! Another life-changing experience from doing the Dialogue, practicing the techniques and Physician Heal Thyself! I feel like Dr. Healy again."

Dr. Bryce Healy, ND


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