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Blog Talk Radio with Susun Weed Herbalist Health Expert

This interview went very well. Dr. Moshe loved bonding with Susun S Weed regarding healing the whole person, homeopathy, and Wise WoMen. The interview with Dr. Moshe begins at 1:32hr here: http://tobtr.com/9503983, but here, on Dr. Moshe's site, the mp3 file has been trimmed to only include the interview itself.



Christophur Gardner on his Biocharisma Podcast with Dr. Moshe

This was a beautiful and deep exchange with my dear friend Tophur Gardner, with a wonderful flowing style moving through important topics concerning Holistic Counseling, the book and the practice. Tophur writes "Dr. Moshe Daniel is on the podcast to reveal his method of getting to the root of chronic physiological problems. His new book Holistic Counseling, Introducing The Vis Dialogue, is a brilliant amalgamation of clinical practice and ancient disciplines of preventitive health care. The purpose of The Vis Dialogue is to reveal the underlying cause of a person’s illness/problem and to then help them un choose it and release it. In other words, it’s to help a person see what their problem is and to help them see how to change it."


Awakenings with Michele Meiche and Dr. Moshe Daniel Block on Blog Talk Radio

This blogtalk interview with Michele Meiche and Dr. Moshe Daniel Block regarding the Book Holistic Counseling, begins at 50 minutes and runs until 1:30 hrs.



Dolly Howard and Dr. Moshe on Wolf Spirit Radio and Haggie Shack Radio

This podcast, in addition to discussing Holistic Counseling, holism, and healing got into some other interesting topics including Lotus birth babies, The Four Worlds of Kabbalah and Paramahamsa Yogananda's book 'Autobiography of a Yogi.'

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