Dr. Moshe is a passionate, engaging instructor whose depth of knowledge, wisdom, and genuine care for his clients and students are all very apparent throughout his teaching. I highly recommend that anyone who works with people in a healing or helping profession attend a Holistic Counseling seminar. Holistic Counseling empowers clients to make their own connections, discoveries, and changes, from the very beginning. This, then, gives the client complete ownership over their healing journey. I’ve seen my efforts to practice it pay off as clients continue to make connections and changes that I was struggling to help them see before, bringing themselves the healing and freedom for which they’ve been searching. It takes work to unlearn what we’ve always done to help others heal, but it is hard work well worth it when the reward is the healing of those we’ve devoted ourselves to serving, and receiving a client’s email filled with their joy and enthusiasm over making their own discoveries, as a result of Holistic Counseling, is also well worth the effort.


A. Thayer - Naturopathic practitioner,

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