Highly recommended! I was so fortunate to have attended Moshe Daniel Block's Holistic Counseling course offered at CCNM last month (Oct. 2013). Moshe is a naturopathic doctor and homeopath who has had tremendous breakthroughs in healing dis-ease in himself and his clients using holistic counseling - a technique that he has developed to heal the true roots of dis-ease.The course was life changing and is very obviously a means to move forward in our own path to heal ourselves and our communities. The word "holism" gets bandied around a lot in circles of alternative health. It took this course - Holistic Counseling - to alert me to the true meaning of holism. Having done the course just this past October, I am doing it again in December to learn more!

Jenna Judd MA, Hon.BA, holistic nutritionist,

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